Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer | August

August 1
Creekside Park.
Playground games.
Pizza & ribs
Bumped into Joanne, Emma, & Sam!
Watched people play ultimate frisbee.

August 2
Bus to Cal State LA w/ Angela & Azzedine.
Freshmen orientation.
Bussed it home & had Guppies w/ Azzedine for dinner!

August 4
Downtown Fullerton w/
April, James, Jojo, & Raffy!
Buffalo Exchange & American Vintage.
James' House.
Driving practice.
Class 302.

August 5
Not so much of a practice @ Michelle's
Took a 4 hour nap!
Walnut Cell!

August 6
Debut Photoshoot @ Snow Creek!
Coconut Bay for Marvels Banquet.
My gag award: Not as shy as you think I am.

August 9
Panera Bread w/ Ate Aarika, Cassie, Garrett, Kristine, Derek, Eric, & Aljay!
Then, small group @ the Barrett's Residence!

August 10
Thrift store adventure w/ Lester aka Esther, Kyle aka Kyra, & Jack aka Jackie!
Pasadena Bound!
Goodwill; Esther decided not to buy the Friends dvd pack at the counter so someone bought it and gave it to her son to give it to Esther in the parking lot. We all thought about God for some reason.
Out of the Closet. Starbucks. Two guys next to us had a bible and were talking about God :)
Penny Records!
Crossroads on the pretty downtown.
We accidentally took a turn on a one way street, it ended up being really funny though!
Then, Salvation Army to end the day.

August 12
CFBC beach bonfire day!
Booked it to Target to get marshmellows & chocolate before Ate Melody picked us up.
Her car w/ April, Axel, & Jan!
Then, Don's car following us w/ Raffy & James!
Praise God we found free parking, but we walked from tower 27 to 21!
Steal the Bacon, animal sound game, and dance off game.
& of course the annual obstacle course our team won!
Ej lead the message which was a such a blessing seeing such a young kid grow to be mature day by day and stepping up in the youth ministry.
Hot dogs & smores by the windy fire.
Everyone shared a blessing and it made me so blessed!
Knocked out on the way home!

August 13
Practice @ Suzanne park, then helped with napkins for Michelle's debut!
Couldn't find parking at 99 Ranch, LOL.
BBQ for Beavis and Esther's birthday at English Springs Park.
Teamed up with Luc for Pictionary, but lost.
We started off great, but we were outnumbered!
Cranium. Jenga.
Played Horse twice and was the first one to lose.
I miss P.E. class, it helped me practice shooting.
Scrabble till dark.
Then, Mafia at the Hari house.
Spontaneously slept over Michelle's house.
Watched Jason play spider solitar and minesweeper.
Couldn't win at playing this kids game called Purble Place, LOL.
Super late night run to Mcdonalds to go through the drive through twice.
120 chicken nuggets ordered, OMG.
Then knocked out first.
David never slept...

August 14
Tried to figure out Michelle's program.
People came over and we shot our grand entrance video.
Practiced a bit.
Ate pizza, then went home!

August 15
Went to Michelle's house early!
Helped with assembling roses on decorations.
Assembled some meatball & pineapples.
Tried to fix the seating chart.
Did makeup.
Tried to teach a Flash Mob dance that never happened.
Waited till about 4 before leaving to go to the Diamond Bar Center.
Bumped into Kuya Ryan because he was in the band.
Did our entrance around 7:40.
Musical was my favorite!
Dancing was so much fun, but so short!
Went back to Michelle's house to find that there was so much food that wasn't served!
Ate some of Danray's salmon which took him 6 hours to make.
Then played Cranium and won!

August 19
Baked red velvet cupcakes with Kristine

August 20
Errand run with April & Raffy.
Target, Staples, 99 Ranch, PHM.
Don's birthday!

August 31
Hung out with Riza & Gail @ L&L
Then, went to Toni's house to hangout with CFBC peeps
and meet her dad!
Good laughs :)

too lazy to add pictures :] maybe one day.


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