Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Thursday 22
  • Finished my last final in 15 minutes
  • drove back in time to get breakfast @ Chick-Fil-A with Angela
  • Brea mall & Buffalo Exchange with Angela
  • picked up Kristine from CSUF
  • Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour: Mac&cheese & a sundae
  • Black&White with Kristine & Melissa
  • Blue Valentine @ my house
  • Kristine's house

Friday 23
  • BWW in Chino w/ April Kristine Ceejay Chelsea John Margiel
  • Watch Marvels perform for Friends&Family
  • Late night movie: Hunger Games
Monday 26
  • Hollywood hiking w/ April James Jojo Angelo
  • San Ya Restaurant: KBBQ
  • Guppies w/ Dree Joey Bryan

Tuesday 27
  • Bryan’s house w/ Joey
  • Mt. Sac wandering
  • Jack-in-the-Box
Wednesday 28
  • Buffalo Exchange w/ Kristine
  • WingStop: free boneless wings w/ purchase of fries
  • Hong’s residence: Tacos & bible reading. 1 Thessalonians 5
Thursday 29
  • Clubbing @ ICON ultra lounge w/ April James Jojo
  • Denny’s
Friday 30
  • Pick up Carmina & bring her to Tastea
  • Bumped into Grace & Monique
  • Somewhat helped Ej asked Carmina to prom @ WHS
  • Gatten Sushi w/ Raffy
  • Kathleen’s house w/ Raffy Joey Bryan Nigel Bencris
  • Denny’s
  • My house

Saturday 31
  • Party in West Covina for Jason Brieva & Ashley Tran
    w/ Bryan Alvin Jared Mark Jessica
  • My house
Sunday 1
  • AMPM w/ Kathleen
  • Friends with Benefits w/ Randy Mike Kathleen

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I must say

I absolutely adore Florence + The Machine's cover of "You've Got the Love"
And, that is my favorite song right now.

That is all. Love, JP. (:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Quarter of College

At least I still have a few WHS friends in LA with me!

Besides school, what did I do?! Where did I go?!
  • Watch all seasons of How I Met Your Mother
  • Midnight Premiere of 50/50 at the Ontario AMC with April, James, Raffy & Jan
  • Homework at my house with Kristine & Melissa!
  • Gatten Sushi with a discount!
  • Tastea. I especially love Peach Me Sweet Tea!
  • Taboo @ James's house!
  • Holiday Drinks @ Starbucks: Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino & Caramel Brûlée Latte.
  • Friends came over late nights just to talk or play Shaboo!
  • Midnight Premiere of Paranormal Activity!
  • Debut practices @ Kathleen's house!
  • Midnight Premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1! & Denny's afterwards!
  • Buffalo Wild Wings for Melissa's Birthday!
  • Praise Night @ Abbalove Vestige
  • Actually left the bounds of CSULA to get Pho @ Noodle World.
  • Bruxie's Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches @ Downtown Brea. Singing to Jingle Bells. Walked around. Horrible Bosses @ my house.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dearest God,

I just want to write this out to thank You!
There's so many things I can praise You for!
I need to keep track of my blessings so I can bless others!
  1. I'm really marveled at the fact that even though I first started out at CFBC, it didn't just end there. You brought me to Walnut Cell and they bless me so much! I can't go through this christian life alone, so thank You for them!
  2. It's just about been 4 years since I've been saved. I've doubted here and there, but I always come back to You. Thanks for keeping me strong.
  3. Every time I pass by some stranger or look over to see the person in the car beside me, I always wonder what their story is; I wonder if they have met Christ yet. I'm sure every person has an amazing story because You planned it.
  4. Praying. I need to adore You. I need to confess to You. I need to thank You. I need You to supply me with what I need. I need to keep knocking on Your door until You answer it.
  5. Hearing the Gospel never gets old. It's always refreshing to hear it. Imagining Jesus' nailed to the cross gives me this piercing feeling in my heart. I can't even bare to feel that and I know I never will because You saved me from hell.
I love You because You first loved me.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer | August

August 1
Creekside Park.
Playground games.
Pizza & ribs
Bumped into Joanne, Emma, & Sam!
Watched people play ultimate frisbee.

August 2
Bus to Cal State LA w/ Angela & Azzedine.
Freshmen orientation.
Bussed it home & had Guppies w/ Azzedine for dinner!

August 4
Downtown Fullerton w/
April, James, Jojo, & Raffy!
Buffalo Exchange & American Vintage.
James' House.
Driving practice.
Class 302.

August 5
Not so much of a practice @ Michelle's
Took a 4 hour nap!
Walnut Cell!

August 6
Debut Photoshoot @ Snow Creek!
Coconut Bay for Marvels Banquet.
My gag award: Not as shy as you think I am.

August 9
Panera Bread w/ Ate Aarika, Cassie, Garrett, Kristine, Derek, Eric, & Aljay!
Then, small group @ the Barrett's Residence!

August 10
Thrift store adventure w/ Lester aka Esther, Kyle aka Kyra, & Jack aka Jackie!
Pasadena Bound!
Goodwill; Esther decided not to buy the Friends dvd pack at the counter so someone bought it and gave it to her son to give it to Esther in the parking lot. We all thought about God for some reason.
Out of the Closet. Starbucks. Two guys next to us had a bible and were talking about God :)
Penny Records!
Crossroads on the pretty downtown.
We accidentally took a turn on a one way street, it ended up being really funny though!
Then, Salvation Army to end the day.

August 12
CFBC beach bonfire day!
Booked it to Target to get marshmellows & chocolate before Ate Melody picked us up.
Her car w/ April, Axel, & Jan!
Then, Don's car following us w/ Raffy & James!
Praise God we found free parking, but we walked from tower 27 to 21!
Steal the Bacon, animal sound game, and dance off game.
& of course the annual obstacle course our team won!
Ej lead the message which was a such a blessing seeing such a young kid grow to be mature day by day and stepping up in the youth ministry.
Hot dogs & smores by the windy fire.
Everyone shared a blessing and it made me so blessed!
Knocked out on the way home!

August 13
Practice @ Suzanne park, then helped with napkins for Michelle's debut!
Couldn't find parking at 99 Ranch, LOL.
BBQ for Beavis and Esther's birthday at English Springs Park.
Teamed up with Luc for Pictionary, but lost.
We started off great, but we were outnumbered!
Cranium. Jenga.
Played Horse twice and was the first one to lose.
I miss P.E. class, it helped me practice shooting.
Scrabble till dark.
Then, Mafia at the Hari house.
Spontaneously slept over Michelle's house.
Watched Jason play spider solitar and minesweeper.
Couldn't win at playing this kids game called Purble Place, LOL.
Super late night run to Mcdonalds to go through the drive through twice.
120 chicken nuggets ordered, OMG.
Then knocked out first.
David never slept...

August 14
Tried to figure out Michelle's program.
People came over and we shot our grand entrance video.
Practiced a bit.
Ate pizza, then went home!

August 15
Went to Michelle's house early!
Helped with assembling roses on decorations.
Assembled some meatball & pineapples.
Tried to fix the seating chart.
Did makeup.
Tried to teach a Flash Mob dance that never happened.
Waited till about 4 before leaving to go to the Diamond Bar Center.
Bumped into Kuya Ryan because he was in the band.
Did our entrance around 7:40.
Musical was my favorite!
Dancing was so much fun, but so short!
Went back to Michelle's house to find that there was so much food that wasn't served!
Ate some of Danray's salmon which took him 6 hours to make.
Then played Cranium and won!

August 19
Baked red velvet cupcakes with Kristine

August 20
Errand run with April & Raffy.
Target, Staples, 99 Ranch, PHM.
Don's birthday!

August 31
Hung out with Riza & Gail @ L&L
Then, went to Toni's house to hangout with CFBC peeps
and meet her dad!
Good laughs :)

too lazy to add pictures :] maybe one day.

Summer | July 17-31

July 19
JKMK lunch date @ Cocary.
Baskin Robins & Quickly after.
Poster making & swim lessons at my house.
First time: Bruxie Sandwich!
Old town orange!

July 23
Marvels Dance Company performs @ Chivas game!
Coconut bay after!

July 26
Bus to Goodwill!
Snagged high wasted Levi's shorts.
Friends With Benefits w/
April, James, Jojo, & Don.

July 28
Best Years reunion!
Ceejay's house for breakfast.
LACMA; lamp posts.
Tim Burton exhibit.
The Grove for lunch.
Diddy Riese.

July 30
Rolled 2 cars to the recycling center!

July 31
KBBQ for the Rodriguez twins' going away!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer | July 1-16

July 1
Puente Hills Mall. Guess Gold Heels. Levi's Denim button down.
Outside Michelle's house for practice! Walnut Cell!

July 3
Ethan's dedication. Audrey's debut practice.
July 5
Santa Monica Beach. In-n-out. Napped at James' House.
Quickly. Walked to Kathleen's house!

July 7
I drove horribly today, but that's okay!
Ate Aarika woke me up from my nap.
Creekside park. Jamming. Running. Stupid games with a tennis ball.
Ice cream man! Blinking game with Jude.

July 8
Toni's gorgeous home. Car with Toni, Luc, & Jasmine.
There was traffic on the freeway, so we exited & realized there was no more traffic after we exited. It took us a while to get back on the freeway, and there was traffic again.
Beach Condo in Hungtington. Walked to the beach. Garrett had to get saved by the lifeguard.
Five Guys. Bumped into Allison Yea & Melody Liao. Goodwill thrifting.
Nerf Gunning. Cake eating. Oreo dipping. Rubik's Cube timing.

July 9
Courtyard Marriot Hotel Room with Emma & Bryan.
Audrey was the last to arrive.
Danced my entrance.
Practiced and practiced; especially that lift I was so scared for.
Hip Hop. After Party till 2AM.

July 10-12
I spent three days watching the entire Harry Potter Series!

July 13
Kristine picked me up and we went to the Reyei house.
We were bored so we decided to rap to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.
Aljay and Derek cooked us breakfast; chocolate pancakes, eggs, hot dogs, YUM!
Then, we played Mortal Combat and I fell asleep.
Then, I went to small group at the Navales'