Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dearest God,

I just want to write this out to thank You!
There's so many things I can praise You for!
I need to keep track of my blessings so I can bless others!
  1. I'm really marveled at the fact that even though I first started out at CFBC, it didn't just end there. You brought me to Walnut Cell and they bless me so much! I can't go through this christian life alone, so thank You for them!
  2. It's just about been 4 years since I've been saved. I've doubted here and there, but I always come back to You. Thanks for keeping me strong.
  3. Every time I pass by some stranger or look over to see the person in the car beside me, I always wonder what their story is; I wonder if they have met Christ yet. I'm sure every person has an amazing story because You planned it.
  4. Praying. I need to adore You. I need to confess to You. I need to thank You. I need You to supply me with what I need. I need to keep knocking on Your door until You answer it.
  5. Hearing the Gospel never gets old. It's always refreshing to hear it. Imagining Jesus' nailed to the cross gives me this piercing feeling in my heart. I can't even bare to feel that and I know I never will because You saved me from hell.
I love You because You first loved me.


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